Omnia Detektei

Your partner for AI-based corporate intelligence services

Detective Agency Specialist for international investigative internet research


As a licensed detective agency, our focus lies on the analysis and presentation of externally non-transparent and highly complex structures.

With our search engine, we can not only find appropriate organizational structures and IP addresses very quickly, but also link them immediately.

Together with our other analyses as well as links to investigative sources, such as “Panama Papers” etc. along with in-depth OSINT analyses, we promptly create a visually clear organizational chart (VIS) of the activities important for complete market observation.

Through decades of experience in fighting against illegal gambling and illegally active online gambling providers, we can identify the economically responsible and, if applicable, personally liable people/organizations/company groups through worldwide networking.

Our Offer

With advanced technology, Omnia-Detektei enables


Meet compliance requirements and detect criminal activity with the help of highly dynamic visualization technologies.

IP / IP Law Analysis

Make structures behind illegal activities transparent with the support of Klarity Technology.

Trademark Protection / Pirated Copies

Find organizational structures and IP addresses with the help of our search engine.

Artificial Intelligence

Our AI system reveals international organizational structures and their responsible people.